Sexuality/Spirituality Consultations

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Gwen provides private education consultations for clients looking for answers to their questions and support on their journeys.  During a session, a client can ask questions and receive guidance.  Gwen draws on her training as a sex-positive, inclusive and medically-informed educator, as well as any intuitive messages she receives, to provide clients with sexual and/or spiritual support and resources.  Consults can include tarot in the session by request.

Sexuality consultations can include topics such as:

  • Personal sex education/ understanding one’s own sexual identity
  • Relationship dynamics and guidance
  • Kink exploration (solo or partnered)
  • Guidance for sexual healing services
  • Sex toys, tools and techniques

Spirituality consultations can include topics such as:

  • Guidance on starting/expanding one’s spiritual path
  • Cleansing of self/space/home
  • Sex magic practices
  • Spirituality education
  • How to read tarot

Scope of Practice: I am not a licensed therapist or doctor, and as such, I encourage my clients to work with me in conjunction with a therapist and/or medical professional.  I am able to provide educational and spiritual guidance and support; however, my work is not intended to replace or be used as medical or psychological treatment.  

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15 minutes: $25

30 minutes: $42

60 minutes: $75

75 minutes: $90

For readings longer than 75 minutes, pricing will be calculated at a rate of $75/hour.

I was lucky enough to have met Gwen out of luck and got to know her a little before our first session. Having met her, I knew she would be the perfect addition to my other forms of self care and therapy, and I was right! I have always enjoyed adding a holistic view into my wellness routine and I feel so fortunate to have found Gwen. She is incredibly accommodating and compassionate. She was able to help me reach a level of comfort to discuss my current struggles openly. I appreciate her modern approach to overall wellbeing. I was impressed with her ability to concisely and intelligently compose relatable analogies to help me understand my own obstacles so we could find a personalized path to my sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Gwen is incredibly knowledgeable of her craft and so much more! She gave me wonderful suggestions that I can’t wait to incorporate into my daily life. We ended our session with a quick, but well explained Tarot reading. I left our session feeling hopeful, knowing that Gwen truly wants the best for me, as well as knowing what I deserve and a much clearer idea of how to get there. Gwen is an excellent resource who makes the world of sexuality and spirituality friendly and approachable. I am already looking forward to my next session with her!