Tarot Readings

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As a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon and Gemini Rising, Gwen aims to provide clients with holistic, heartfelt, and dialogue-oriented tarot readings.  She emphasizes the interconnection of the cards with correspondences of associated spiritual systems, such as astrology, numerology, and crystal healing.

Gwen’s intention for each reading is to provide a safe and supportive space in which clients can feel empowered by a deeper knowledge of themselves and their lives within the framework of the tarot.

Gwen is available for individual tarot readings, as well as tarot for events and parties.

Tarot readings are available via Zoom/ video chat for online/long-distance clients, and in person by request, for clients local to Portland, Maine.  Due to COVID-19, readings will be held exclusively via Zoom.

Book a tarot reading

Questions? Send Gwen an email.


15 minutes: $25

30 minutes: $42

60 minutes: $75

75 minutes: $90

For readings longer than 90 minutes, pricing will be calculated at a rate of $75/hour.

I can’t recommend [Gwen] highly enough.  She was amazing and explained each card so well.  We connected very well despite never meeting before this reading.  I gladly will have another reading done by her again.