Tarot Readings

“Spiritual connectivity has always been at the root of my spirituality. I have practiced various types of energy work and so forth. Gwen’s tarot reading was holistic, wholesome, and real. It is the most valid tarot card reading I have received and I will be returning for more. Beautiful work.”


“Gwen has unparalleled intuition and empathy – in the reading she touched on so many aspects of my being in a generally positive but still constructive way. We did a three-card spread, and the session helped me clarify the area’s in my life that I need to more closely examine. I’m very much looking forward to consulting Gwen again for a longer and more in-depth reading.”


“I can’t recommend [Gwen] highly enough.  She was amazing and explained each card so well.  We connected very well despite never meeting before this reading.  I gladly will have another reading done by her again.”


“I recommend a tarot reading with Gwen because it is a spiritually enlightening experience that will change your life. Gwen is kind, openhearted, extremely knowledgeable, and a master of her craft. It is a personalized and interactive experience as she guides you through choosing the cards, then she explains the meaning of each and how it might apply in your life and how to move forward from there. At the end of the reading you feel so enlightened as you have made many new discoveries about your life and have the knowledge of how you can begin a journey towards a more fulfilling life.”


“I went into my reading with Gwen feeling lost and confused about myself and a relationship that recently ended. Throughout the reading, she made sure I understood the meanings of the cards, was very sympathetic, warm and welcome. I have a better understanding of challenges within myself that need work, love and how to start healing. She’s knows her stuff without a doubt!”


Custom Spells

“I can’t recommend Gwen highly enough! The level of care, customization and knowledge she brings to her custom spells is unparalleled. Through working with her, I was able to step into my truth and my power in a way that felt simultaneously emboldening and so supported. The clarity and confidence that her spell work brought to me is invaluable; especially as someone newer to energy work and the intuitive world. She was available for ongoing support and encouragement and I’m already noticing the impacts of stepping into my own light like this!”


Gwen combines her intuitive expertise and knowledge with genuine compassion and care to create a truly potent and awe-inspiring ritual. From the initial consult to the finished spell I was blown away by how handcrafted and specialized this was for me: taking the tools she provided and completing the 3 day spell at home helped me take ownership of power back that I thought I had long lost.  Even 4 months later, my life continues to expand and grow in ways I have literally been trying to shift for decades.”



“I was lucky enough to have met Gwen out of luck and got to know her a little before our first session. Having met her, I knew she would be the perfect addition to my other forms of self care and therapy, and I was right! I have always enjoyed adding a holistic view into my wellness routine and I feel so fortunate to have found Gwen. She is incredibly accommodating and compassionate. She was able to help me reach a level of comfort to discuss my current struggles openly. I appreciate her modern approach to overall well being. I was impressed with her ability to concisely and intelligently compose relatable analogies to help me understand my own obstacles so we could find a personalized path to my sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Gwen is incredibly knowledgeable of her craft and so much more! She gave me wonderful suggestions that I can’t wait to incorporate into my daily life. We ended our session with a quick, but well explained Tarot reading. I left our session feeling hopeful, knowing that Gwen truly wants the best for me, as well as knowing what I deserve and a much clearer idea of how to get there. Gwen is an excellent resource who makes the world of sexuality and spirituality friendly and approachable. I am already looking forward to my next session with her!”

Photographed by Davina Daras